Community Services Division

Responsibilities & Services

The Community Resource Team (CRT) includes community resource officers and school resource officers. While team members have different job assignments and skills, each is responsible for facilitating and teaching the community-oriented policing and problem solving philosophy to the public and members of the agency.

Mission Statement

We will partner with our community members to develop a strong, self-sufficient community in which crime and disorder will not flourish. We will utilize a shared responsibility, problem solving philosophy that is based on what is right, not who is right. We will be a progressive, proactive, professional policing agency that values customer service, creativity, innovation, enthusiasm, and reasoned risk taking, creating a better tomorrow - today.

Community Resource Officer

The Community Resource Officer (CRO) assists the Department and public by administering various award-winning agency programs. Equally important, the CRO is instrumental in helping to find solutions to chronic community problems by assisting in the project management of long-term problem solving efforts.

School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officers (SRO) serve the public and private schools within the City. They function as instructors, confidants, and mentors and are a resource to students, teachers, and parents alike.