Sexual Assault Management System (SAMS Track)

SAMS Track

The Beaverton Police Department recently launched the Sexual Assault Management System (SAMS) Victim Portal, which is an online portal where survivors of sexual assaults can track the progress and status of their Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence (SAFE) kits. This was in response to the 2018 State of Oregon House Bill 4049, which requires law enforcement to give survivors anonymous access to the current status and past progress of their sexual assault kit.

Survivors will receive their SAFE kit number with their discharge paperwork from the hospital. That number can be entered on the website to receive real time updates on the status of their kit. Once the number has been entered, the screen will display a diagram showing the kit's progress and current status.

The portal was specifically designed with the survivor's privacy in mind and therefore does not require login information so users can remain completely anonymous. In addition, the portal only displays the status of the kit and does not provide any sensitive or personal information.

Access the portal

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