Sexual Assault Response

Serving Victims of Sexual Assault

The Beaverton Police Department believes every victim of sexual assault deserves to be heard. We commit to serve victims of sexual assault in our community in the most unbiased, honest and sensitive way possible.

We strive to create an environment where victims feel safe coming forward and fully understand all of their options and resources. We understand that the healing process may be different for each person, and respect the choices of each individual.

The Beaverton Police Department serves everyone affected by sexual assault, regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin, marital status, age, mental or physical disability, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, source of income, previous experience with law enforcement/criminal history, or circumstances surrounding the sexual assault (such as drug use or underage drinking).

Sexual Assault Management System - SAMS Track

***Please note: Disclosure to Beaverton Police Department officers, personnel or volunteers regarding the sexual assault of a minor, elderly person, or person with disabilities will result in a mandatory report, as required by law. Disclosures of sexual assault within a relationship where a criminal act of domestic violence has occurred may result in a mandatory domestic violence arrest of the abuser, as required by law.

*** ***The word victim is used to designate certain legal rights to individuals who have had crimes committed against them in the state of Oregon. We recognize that not all individuals identify with this word, prefer to use the word survivor, or choose not to be labeled by their experiences.***

  1. Victims who are unsure if they are ready to speak to the police have the option to contact the Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC). SARC is a non-profit organization not affiliated with law enforcement that provides confidential support and resources to survivors of sexual assault. Anyone may call the 24 hour support line at SARC for additional information, support, or to be connected to a SARC staff member for in-person services. If and when a victim is ready to make a report to law enforcement, SARC can assist in that process. The 24 hour support line for SARC is: 503-640-5311.
  2. Victims who are ready to speak with the Beaverton Police Department about sexual assault may report as much or as little information as they feel comfortable. Reports can be made in person, over the phone, or by requesting an officer come to a location. For emergency situations, please call 911. Otherwise, to speak with an officer, please call Washington County Non-Emergency Dispatch at 503-629-0111. 
  3. A victim or other reporting party may have law enforcement answer any questions about reporting and the criminal investigation process before providing any information to an officer. Officers will provide clear explanations of the Beaverton Police Department’s procedures prior to and throughout the reporting and investigative process.
  4. The Beaverton Police Department believes in offering a safe space to support victims. Victim interviews are conducted in a trauma-informed fashion, with an understanding of how difficult it can be to talk about sexual assault. Victims may pause or end interviews with an officer at any time.
  5. A victim or other reporting party may report a sexual assault regardless of how much time has passed since the sexual assault occurred. For example, sexual assaults past the statute of limitations may still be documented to assist in other investigations as the law allows.
  6. Officers will make reasonable efforts to work through any barriers that may be faced by victims to reporting or participating in an investigation. Officers will make an effort to accommodate language access, location, preferred dates/times of reporting or interviews, and other issues that may be of concern to victims.
  7. Under ORS 147.425, victims over the age of 15 have the right to be accompanied by a personal representative, such as a sexual assault advocate or other appropriate support person. Victims may have this individual present during all aspects of the criminal justice process (including interviews), with the exceptions of Grand Jury and Child Abuse Forensic Interviews. Officers will provide information about relevant community resources, such as services available at the Sexual Assault Resource Center.
  8. The Beaverton Police Department has an open door policy related to sexual assault. A victim may disengage from or return to an investigation at any point prior to referral to an office of prosecution. Any investigation that does not result in arrest or referral to an office of prosecution may be reopened at any time upon the request of the victim or if additional information or evidence is presented.