Patrol Officers

Our Standards

The officers of the Beaverton Police Patrol Division are highly trained professionals dedicated to public safety. The division holds itself to very high standards, seeking the best training and equipment to enable them to respond emergencies, and complex situations in the most effective and caring manner possible.

Officers take a compassionate approach to resolving matters through community partnerships and collaboration with trained clinicians, advocates, and other agencies. Officers are committed to preserving the peace and protecting the public by seeking long term solutions for the issues that affect livability within our community.

Responsibilities & Services

The Patrol Division divides the city into four districts and operates 24/7 with four overlapping shifts. Each shift is staffed by officers with a variety of specialized skills and is supervised by a Patrol Sergeant. Watch Commanders oversee each patrol shift and are responsible for critical incident management and the daily administrative operations of the Patrol Division. The Operations Bureau Captain is responsible for coordinating and directing the overall operation of the patrol division and reports directly to the Chief of Police.

Patrol Cars