Curb Painting Permits

Newly prepared curb with plants, stones and drainage grate with no painted numbers.

Painting Standards 

Individuals and groups who want to paint address numbers on curbs, either for a fee or on a donation basis, need to obtain a curb painting permit from the Code Compliance Program. A City of Beaverton business license is also required. 


  • Address numbers on the curb are not required by the City Code - they're optional. Please don't tell anyone that curb numbers are required. 
  • All numbers shall be at least four inches in height. 
  • All persons involved in the curb painting activity must carry a copy of the curb painting permit and business license to make them available for inspection upon request. 
  • Do not solicit or market curb painting services at residences or businesses that have posted "No Solicitors," "No Trespassing," or similar signs. 
  • If you paint an address number on the curb incorrectly, you must correct it within four business days following notification of the error. 
  • Numbers must be either black paint on a white background, or white paint on a black background. 
  • Only the address shall be painted on the curb - no street names or other words. 
  • The painter must have approval from the property owner before painting the address numbers on the curb. 
  • The permit holder's address must be included on all advertisements, receipts, or other materials provided to consumers. 

Note: Holders of curb painting permits are not representatives or agents of the City of Beaverton. 

Curb with two drain holes and set of four painted digits 8740.Permit Fees & Submission Information 

The permit applicant must have a Washington County street address, not a post office box. There is a $20 nonrefundable permit application processing fee. The fee is waived for nonprofit groups and minors. A permit can be revoked for failure to comply with these rules and standards, or if the city receives an excessive number of complaints. Submit applications to: 

Code Compliance Program
City Of Beaverton
P.O. Box 4755
Beaverton, OR 97076-4755