(SALC) St. Andrew Legal Clinic

St. Andrew Legal Clinic (SALC) works to meet the legal needs of low and moderate income people with family law concerns. They have sliding scale fees that are based on income, family size, and ability to pay.

Child Custody

– SALC attorneys can help secure custody agreements in the children’s best interests.

Child Support

– SALC can help ensure that families get enough support.

Domestic Violence Intervention

– SALC offers quick response to protect parents and children from dangerous or violent circumstances.


– SALC helps defend the rights of families during the most emotionally and financially trying times of their lives.


– SALC can make sure that legal rights of guardians are protected.

Parenting Time

– SALC helps parents obtain reasonable visitation with their children.

Step-Parent Adoption

– SALC can help navigate the legal steps of adoption.

232 NE Lincoln, Suite H
Hillsboro, OR 97124