Beaverton Police Victim Resource Guide

Resources for Victims

This Resource Guide is provided by Beaverton Police Department Victim Services. Resources listed in the guide occasionally change. Please call or visit the websites of any listed resources to confirm hours and availability of services.

Important Contact Numbers

Based on the type of case and the age of the offender, your case may be referred to the Washington County District Attorney’s office, the office of the City Attorney for the City of Beaverton, or the Washington County Juvenile Department.

  • Washington County District Attorney’s Office
  • City of Beaverton City Attorney’s Office
  • Washington County Juvenile Department

There are many steps in the criminal justice system. The court to which your case is referred will be able to give you specific information as to how your case may proceed.

It may feel confusing or overwhelming, but there are people who are available to walk you through every step of the process.

Rendered hand with words of encouragement.