Criminal Investigations Division

Responsibilities & Services

The members of the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) are specialists responsible for investigating serious crimes against persons and property to include: homicide, assaults, sex crimes, child abuse and neglect, burglary, major thefts, fraud, and computer crimes.

Personnel assigned to CID possess a special skill in interviewing, crime scene investigations, warrant preparation (search and arrest type), evidence collection and preservation, constitutional issues (search and seizure, Miranda warnings, etc), and interpersonal relations.

Cooperation With Other Agencies

This Division also has representatives who are on the Washington County Major Crimes Team (a multi-jurisdictional team of investigators for major incidents); the Multi-Disciplinary Child Abuse Team; Sexual Assault Resource Team; Clandestine Lab Enforcement Team; the Metro Gang Task Force; the Washington County Interagency Narcotics Team; and the Fraud and Identity Theft Enforcement team.

Detective also provide investigative support, as well as develop and share intelligence information not only within the Beaverton Police Department, but also with outside law enforcement agencies. This ensures the effective and efficient follow-up of all major crimes that require investigative personnel resources.

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