Public Safety Center

Project Information

Construction of Beaverton’s new Public Safety Center is underway. The city, along with a project team including representatives from Shiels Obletz Johnsen, FFA Architecture & Interiors, and Skanska Construction, are working on program coordination and completion of our new earthquake resistant police and emergency management building. The Public Safety Center is located near the corner of SW Hall Blvd and SW Allen Blvd. The building is expected to be completed in summer 2020.

Proposed rendering of Public Safety Center at dusk as viewed from Hall Blvd.Public Safety Center design rendering, entry view near the corner of Allen Blvd. and Hall Blvd.

Sunny day, slightly aerial view of Public Safety Center construction link to Live Stream Video. Opens in new window

Watch Live Stream Video of Public Safety Center site construction

What to expect this year

Ongoing construction is expected through spring 2020. Upcoming milestones are anticipated to include:

February 2019Building footing installation completion
March 2019Installation of under slab electrical, plumbing and mechanical lines
Late-March 2019First floor slab foundation completion
April 2019Begin steel building frame assembly
Note: Tentative schedule. Milestones may vary based on weather conditions and construction activity.

Cement trucks and other heavy equipment at the Public Safety Center site.

Demolition of the Beaverton Activities Center began in fall 2018 to make way for the new building. Since then, construction at the site has progressed.

Project Milestones

Sept. 2018Groundbreaking ceremony and construction commencement.
Aug. 2018$400,000 EPA grant awarded for brownfield cleanup activities at the site.
Jul. 2018Planning and design complete.
Feb. 2018Community Open House for site and building design.
Nov. 2017Public Hearing Notice for Brownfields Cleanup Plan to apply for EPA grants.
Sept. 2017Contract approved with Skanska USA Building, Inc. for pre-construction manage/general contractor services.
Aug. 2017Contract approved with FFA Architecture & Interiors for architectural services.
Jul. 2017Update provided to city Council regarding Beaverton Activities Center tenants.
Apr. 2017Contract approved with Shiels Obletz Johnsen, Inc. (Portland, OR) for owner's representative services.
Jan. 2017Resolution passes authorizing the issuance, sale, execution and delivery of $35 million in general obligation bonds for the construction and equipping of the building.
Dec. 2016Appointment of Orrick, Herrighton & Suttcliffe, LLP (Portland, OR) as Bond Counsel and PFM Financial Advisory, LLC (Seattle, WA) to provide financial advisory services for general obligation bonds.
Nov. 2016Beaverton voters approve $35 million public safety center bond measure.
Jun. 2016Resolution passes referring bond measure to Beaverton voters.